food for the boss

If you want to cook a good food for your boss
Begin with the sizzling hot jellyfish brain
Give him also the cow’s balls soup
And the testicles of a lion with a mane

Don’t forget the appetizing main course
Should be a rice bowl of crickets and worms
Serve it with the sweat and saliva of the boars
With the grilled tip of the wildebeest's horns

Dessert will be a plus factor for your promotion
A wild cactus with toad’s tears as the dressing
Give him liquor for additional remuneration
Boiled monthly period of a Komodo dragon…

And if at dinner your boss wanted to stay
Serve him the centipede and millipedes congee
Prepare the teppanyaki rhinoceros nail
And the sushi will be a rattle snakes tail

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