Stolen moment how I miss the time
to be with you and ask, “Will you be mine?”
In my mind, you’re always there
anytime, every minute and everywhere.

Every time I fell asleep,
I see your face, your smile so sweet
I hear your voice that makes me chill.
Flows through my veins, I softly feel.

I want to lie down on my bed
and have this dream forever
I want to be with you forever.

When the night is at the end
the morning light will come and stand,
you still conquering my frozen mind
and I’m still wishing that you would be mine.

Co’z dreaming is the only way to be with you,
in my dreams, you are mine and you love me too.
I may be crazy wishing such things
but in my dreams, everything comes true

sa maniwala kayo't sa hindi kanta po ito na naisulat ko mga 20 years ago na ang nakakaraan.
Chords will play: as if may magkakainteres na tumugtog...
C - G - F  - G (stanza)
F - G - C- (Chorus)

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