9months, Abroad

I am waiting for so long for the time to come,
And I spent so many sleepless nights
Thinking of you

When that special moment comes
I hope I’ll be there
To have a glimpse of your sweet smiling eyes
To hug you and to kiss you

Somehow I’m going to find a way
To be with you, be there with you,
To be with you someday…
Someday we will be together,
Somehow I will try to find a way and stay.

How many nights, how many weeks away
How many days, how many hours I’ll wait.

And when that special moment comes
I’ll try to be there
To see the gift, sent from heaven and Christ above
To touch you and feel you

Someday I will try to find a way
To be with you and stay
Someday I will not have to go away
And I will stay. . .

With you.

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