Pesteng Ehem

Pesteng Ehem with the Bocaue Agogo Dancers
(please click to play the video)
(Videoman is our clsm8 "Thuy" using my Sony DSC-W50 P&S Camera.)
UAE CADD Group ... batch 22 Sharjah presentation,

Nov. 05, 2010 @ Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Deira Dubai

Note: Got the name "Pesteng Ehem" on the underground band emerged in Malolos early 90's when the punk rock were the national anthem at that time, band Pesteng Ehem always competed in the battle of the band with Hydrophobia, Ice for Sale (pronounced: iseporsale) and many other band in Bulacan. Sounds funny so i tried to use it and added the "Bocaue Agogo Dacers" referring to the girls.

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